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  Webinar Schedule and Participant Guide

Webinar Dates

Live instruction for 2024 has concluded. You are welcome to complete this course on a self-paced schedule and join our next live session in Winter 2025.​​ All webinars are recorded and posted here in your online classroom to watch anytime. Once enrolled in this course, you will retain access to all materials indefinitely and may return to participate in future live offerings of the course as well. Please join us!

Weekly Topics

Week 1: Conducting a Year End Analysis

Week 2: Efficient Scheduling

Week 3: Prioritizing Projects and Maintaining Infrastructure

Week 4: Marketing and Customer Communication

Week 5: An Office with a View

Week 6: Self-Care: Making the Most of the Time You’ve Saved

Webinar Participants' Guide

Zoom Participant’s Guide.pdf
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